In today’s digital generation that is always connected, students totally rely on their mobile devices.  All colleges and universities found that as part of their ‘duty of care’ they needed to adapt and offer a sufficient charging solution for students and staff. In order to better serve the community, the campuses needed a solution that was accessible, efficient, engaging and maximised the number of users at a single point.

With PowrUp Solutions guidance and diligence, all colleges and universities successfully enhanced their student experience with new charging facilities around campus.

This solution has improved the day-to-day experience for students and staff by providing resources to remain connected throughout the day and provides engaging advertising that offers real student benefits and discounts.

The Sirius AD-Master digital screen has been a vital platform for all colleges & universities to promote mental health helplines for students in line with government policy.

Airports/Train Stations

Getting ready to go on holiday can be an extremely stressful time trying to remember to pack everything you and your family need. Powering up your phone is the last thing on your mind until you reach the Airport/Train Station.

During the stressful holiday season, sufficient charging facilities are invaluable for passengers. Chances are you have found yourself sitting on the floor beside the only working plug socket available, desperate to get a few percent more charge before a long journey. With PowrUp superfast charging tables situated around the Airports/Train Stations, people can now have peace of mind to know that Low Battery Anxiety will be one less thing to stress about.

Football Stadiums

Fans in stadiums want to capture and share those incredible moments as they happen. PowrUp Solutions gives them the power to make sure they never miss sharing those special moments with friends and family around the world on social media.

Situated in bars around the stadiums and corporate boxes, PowrUp Solutions help fans ensure they are fully Powr’d Up before, during and after the match. 

Capturing that last minute penalty, unbelievable overhead kick goal or any defining moment can live forever, only if you are Powr’d Up…!

Cafés/Coffee shops

PowrUp Solutions add value through providing bespoke branded charging tables that increase footfall and dwell time by enticing consumers to stay longer, and have that extra coffee, whilst they charge their phone or mobile device. The Sirius AD-Master digital portal can create a fully engaging consumer experience through the touch screen EPOS system.  This can be deployed specifically to the coffee shop sector. Consumers can order drinks and snacks through the system and have them delivered to the table whilst charging their devices.

Increasing dwell time in the coffee shop sector is essential for growth.

You can’t sell anything to an empty table..!

Gyms and Fitness Centres

What happens when your mobile phone battery dies at the gym? For many gym goers music is at the top of the list to provide motivation to assist them when completing their workout. 

PowrUp Solutions are a great addition to all gyms and fitness centres by providing charging facilities to assist in client peace of mind and maximum workout.

Where does advertising the latest trainers or tracksuits generate the most impact to 100% of your market? Athleisure is one of the fastest areas of fashion growth and is predominantly targeting the fitness sector. Special offers to members clearly displayed on the Sirius AD-Master digital screen are proving to be a great success for Consumer, Vendor and Brand.

Hospitality and Leisure

This industry is a sector that depends on the availability of leisure time and disposable income. The hospitality industry concentrates on consumer satisfaction by creating good service and products that will meet their needs. This is a very competitive industry as there can be various types of product and service particularly with the diversity of cuisine, dining options and beverage variety.  It is now crucial for service providers to stand out from their competitors and establish a good relationship with consumers, by providing the most up to date essential services, so that they will return again and again.

PowrUp Solutions provides this essential service by keeping customers connected.


Whether a small independent cinema or a national group, all cinemas are now having to fight back against Netflix, Amazon, Google and Apple home entertainment. Today’s cinema goers want to embrace the full theatre experience and make their special night a treat to remember. By offering food, drinks and essential services at their venue, cinemas are enticing the consumer to engage in a full evenings’ entertainment.

Powrup Solutions charging and advertising facility will enhance any area within the cinema and enable the consumer to stay connected. The Sirius AD-Master digital screen is a great platform to advertise up and coming movies and promote special offers on concessions. Keeping the consumer fully Powr’d Up has also proven to drive positive social media feeds.

Hair and Beauty Salons

With the world of Hair and Beauty now more competitive and popular than ever, salons need to offer those extra special touches.  Some treatments can last a long time, especially when having a cut, colour and a beauty treatment.  Providing PowrUp Solutions will allow discerning clients total relaxation.

Clients will know they can freely use their phones or tablets whilst seated at the stylish comfortable table. They can then browse through salon special offers on the screen, or look for inspiration for a complete new style and makeover.  The Sirius AD-MASTER Digital Screen can even turn into a profit centre by offering suppliers or local retail partners the opportunity to advertise new exciting events or special product promotions.